This site will eventually be completely redesigned to support enrollees in the Pathways to Mindful Living(sm) Program.  But the program is now just a preliminary proposal , which is presented on these pages.

The program combines proven concepts and practices of mindful meditation, Transpersonal Psychology, and individual change process.  It is designed to provide the learning, practice, and support individuals need to expand their paradigm of understanding and belief and, thereby, to change their lives.

My initial goal is to seek feedback that could enhance the program design, then to assemble the team that will produce program materials and conduct a pilot.

My secondary goal is to seek feedback on the potential to design and conduct a scientific study into human spirituality, its laws/truths and application to human life, collecting data from future Pathways programs as they are implemented.

If this pursuit interests you, I will welcome any comments you wish to make.

Doron S.  Antrim

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Proposal: Pathways to Mindful Living(sm)